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Humanity is diverse for a good reason

We are not supposed to be only one way, one belief, or one group.

But, from revenue to religion, for work or for dating, in politics or parenting, competition has failed to bring about more hope for the future.

Kinda like we are friends

Our well-being (tied to the health of our planet) depends on different people practicing a, “peaceful conflict.”

But, making friends has become too difficult – the stakes and barriers are too high.

Maybe we just need a good reason to come alongside each other – for the common good and with a simple set of guidelines.

Let’s build on a culture of kindness

Here’s our version:

  1. We hear from those engaged in making #kindness, #goodness, #mercy, #love, and even #justice
  2. Then, we add to the conversation with new ideas, conjectures, or questions.
  3. Some of us commit to putting it into practice and share how it all went.

Going beyond our own beliefs

Right now, we have many definitions of what is right, wrong, fair, bad, real, or fake.

None of us will get anywhere unless, at some point, some of us are willing to pause judgment for the sake of results.

We have to see each other as friends with a great, common purpose.

That’s flawx:

friendship x purpose = purpose-ship.

Last updated: August 20, 2022